Guts – Ain’t it strange CD


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Three members of the band are living in St. Pauli and St. Pauli is still one of  the best places in the world to celebrate Rock n Roll. Here they get the inspirations for the stories they want to talk about.
As SHANGHAID GUTS, the two brothers Axel (guitar/vocals) and Stefan Kraft (lead vocals/harp) toured with Woodstock heroes TEN YEARS AFTER as well as with Danish rockers D.A.D. or former ROLLING STONE Mick Taylor.
Those experiences plus living in the world´s best known red light district are the influences for the songs on the new album “AINT IT STRANGE”.
The album was recorded at the Balls Studio (BIG BALLS AND THE GREAT WHITE IDIOT) with bass player Andreas Krüger (Ex LOVEKRAUTS/ GRET PALUCCA) and Sebastian Brockhaus at the drums. Sebastian left the band 2013 and was replaced by Jens Brandl.
Listening to the GUTS you can tell they`ve heard of the Stones and the Clash what actually isn`t
The worst neighborhood if you want to play good Rock n Roll Music.